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Premium Olive Oil

Project 02

O2 / Premium Organic ExtraVirgin Olive Oil

Premium Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Brand identity and packaging design for a new premium organic Greek extra virgin olive oil. O2 concept, emerged, as a balanced symbiosis of tradition and innovation. Being dedicated to the proper implementation of our innovative and eco friendly method of production, guarantee that the Olive Oil produced is of organic specification and of ultra low acidity, while preserving the highest amount possible of natural antioxidants. For this purpose, we carefully created, a special bottle for O2 Premium Organic Extra virgin Olive Oil, to carry it protectively to you. Having searched the existing alternatives, we decided to make our bottle as simple and elegant as possible, matching our product’s fundamental philosophy. In addition, we wanted customers to be able to see at first glance our Olive Oil’s unique color and purity while our Olive Oil should be appropriately protected from oxygen, heat, and light.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Project 06

Elpos / Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Best quality extra virgin olive oil, obtained directly from the finest olives of Koroneiki variety and solely by mechanical means -first cold extraction - superb fruity flavor

Handmade soap

Project 01

Laouta / Handmade soap

Handmade extra Greek virgin olive oil soaps Laouta soaps and their beneficial qualities is the result of a long journey full of gratifying experiences of the study and the good use of the wild herbs and other natural products of Karpathos, a beautiful small island in the southern region of the Aegean sea. They are produced in the Laouta farm from where most of the production material are gathered by Kari Lahana a chemist engineer of German descent with the help of her daughter Evi Lahana, a young horticulturalist.

Meat Products

Project 03

Afoi Kassaki / Meat Products

Tranditional Cretan Cold Cuts & Sausages
The company AFI KASSAKI active since 1999 in the smoking area of traditional meat products. Company is located in the village of Galatas, Crete municipality plain. In the early 20th century Kassakis George Comer of the Lassithi Plateau having with the genuine traditional Cretan recipes dealt with the production of sausages, making them available in the surrounding villages! The tradition is an integral part of our course, with respect for the past and confidence in the future continues!


Project 03

Afrodysia / Gold sparkle energy drink

Afrodysia is the world's original Gold Sparkle Energy Drink. Distinguished through its fine ingredients, attention to detail and innovative premium position. Admired worldwide for its taste and character, Afrodysia is the new standard for luxury & lifestyle. It will bring you a unique experience with a state of the art design and a classic energy taste refined with a pearl effect mineral to make it the first true golden energy drink.

Michalis Anousakis
Hair Salon

Project 04

Michalis Anousakis / Hair Salon

Identity design and Advertising campaign for a Hair stylist. Michalis Anousakis let himself be inspired by the concepts of minimal and luxury aesthetics. Feelings, forms and color impressions of the designer work are reflected subtly in the logo, business card, prints and website.

Logo Design

Project 04

Timber / Wooden Glasses

Logo design for a Wooden glasses. A collection by Bonendis 
Cutting Edge Quality Wooden Sunglasses


Project 05

Lepanto / Dairies

Identity, packaging, branding and website for dairy company based in Nafpakto, Greece. Lepanto has the vision to bring back the tranditional handmade Greek yogurt. Made with really good ingredients and recipe, they offer real traditional dairies. We created a reflection of this statement with a very clean, simple, international look.

Premium Extra
Virgin Olive Oil

Project 06

Moschos - Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Identity and packaging for Moschos family, Olive oil based in Volos, Greece.

AR Design Studio

Project 06

AR Design Studio / Branding

Special Olympics
Athens 2011

Project 06

Special Olympics / Athens 2011

We have been working with The Special Olympics Organising Committee on some various print collateral for Credentialing

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